Fatima Mata National College was founded in 1951 by His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M. Fernandez, the first native Bishop of Quilon, with a view to providing facilities for higher education in the diocese. The college was formally inaugurated on the 29th of December, 1952 by His Eminence Norman Thomas Cardinal Gilory, Papal Legate to India.

 Library is the one of the center of attraction of Fatima Matha National College. The library caters to academic needs of 2,400 students, 70 research scholars, 106 teachers (excluding guest lecturers) and 34 members of the non-teaching staff. The college Library is located at the center of the main building, and covers two floors. The library is divided into a graduate section and post-graduate section in order to provide better facilities to students of higher classes. A reading room, accessible to all, makes newspapers, journals and magazines easily available. An Internet room provides free access to the net for teachers and post-graduate students.

FMNC Scientia et Sapientia the digital repository of research output of the institute available over college networks .  Scientia et Sapientia which means Knowledge and Wisdom in Latin is used to name this collection of Electronics Thesis , Published papers , conference papers, completed research projects and works in progress by the faculty members and research scholars of the institution.

To cater to the information needs of this large community the library is having a collection of more than 83000 books, NLIST  databases, more than hundred periodicals, periodical bound volumes, CD-Rom’ s etc.  The complete automation of library was completed in 2006 using LIBSOFT library Automation Software. Presently its LIBSOFT 4.1 Version of the software installed in the library. This enables automated charging and discharging of books to users.

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